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Creating brands that connect

Direct Design is an established, independent full-service creative design agency specialising in all areas of digital media, advertising, branding, NPD, animation and film services. Working in food and drink, property and events, Direct Designs mission is to deliver innovative and effective campaigns that help our clients achieve their goals.

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Creating an image

No one cares about brands that have nothing to say, that lack personality or fail to capture the consumer’s imagination. At Direct Design, we care and are excited, we think, feel and act differently.

Brands need to draw on people’s curiosity, invite them in and create a world where the customer is always interested in what you have to say and buys into your language. At Direct Design, we can help you create that fascination, tell that story and create branding and advertising that really communicates your brand’s beliefs.

Driving success

To make this happen, at Direct Design, we listen and get to the heart of what inspires you, the nugget of wisdom, the idea that fires us up, and we use that as the catalyst to inspire the creative work. Then we amplify that thought across a proven framework of brand and sales drivers to ensure we deliver solutions that answer the strategic and commercial demands of your business.

Why not get in touch? We can’t wait to see where our creative collaboration will take us.